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This  pre-prom picture  from the Virgin Suicides creeps me out.
The foreshadowing is intense. Lux’s hand looks like she’s holding a cigarette (she dies when she closes the garage door and starts the car while sitting inside the car smoking, her hand hanging out of the car the same way), Therese has her eyes closed (she later overdoses on sleeping pills), After the picture is taken, Mary coughs (she kills herself by putting her head in the oven), and Bonnie is positioned in a way that looks like she’s hanging herself…which is how she later dies.
So weird.



“Spring Breakers” + Sofia Coppola = my own personal cinephile nirvana.

this has been my most anticipated film of the year since i learned about it 8 years ago (my love for Sofia Coppola’s films is such that I can psychically anticipate her work long in advance of it even occurring to her, natch). she’s never made a film that hasn’t cracked my top 10 of the year, and someone please put this movie in my face right now kthx.

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Sofia w/ friend Marc Jacobs @ NYFW
Sofia @ the Independent Spirit Awards

Sofia Coppola by Yoshio Sato (2003) on the set of Lost in Translation


Marc Jacobs Fall 1999 ad campaign, Sofia Coppola photographed by Juergen Teller.

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Sofia Coppola's "Bling Ring" set for June release


kirsten dunst and josh hartnett on the set of the virgin suicides shot by corinne day

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The Virgin Suicides

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