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You know, you’re… very beautiful.

I could paint you sometime.”

- Paul Baldino (Robert Schwarztman) in The Virgin Suicides (1999) 

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Like father like daughter.

Happy Father’s Day!

Sofia Coppola,Kirsten Dunst by Brigitte Lacombe
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“Hi, dad.”
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Lost in Translation (2003) dir. Sofia Coppola

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Lost in Translation (Sofia Coppola, 2003)

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"Don’t let Sofia’s littleness and quietness confuse you. Sofia is made of steel. She’s tough, but she doesn’t pretend to be a man. She has a way of getting her way. She’s very polite about it. She nods her head and says, ‘You’re right, you’re right, but this is what I want to do.’ And it works. When you see her movies, you forget that she is Francis’s daughter. She has been able to reinvent what her last name represents."

- Bill Murray on Sofia Coppola (via sofiacoppola)


Elle Fanning figure skating in “Somewhere" (2010; dir. Sofia Coppola).