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Sofia Coppola takes over W. 
Photograph by Andrew Durham; W magazine May 2014. 

Read Sofia’s piece here

Anonymous asked: hi ! do you guys still check this? if so where can i get the header font?

Hi! Yes we do! The header font is actually taken from the credits of The Bling Ring. Not sure where you can download it, I assume it was specifically made for the titles of Bling Ring. Sorry !


scarlett/charlotte from lost in translation by mahdi chowdhury
i think i’ve made more art for Lost In Translation than any other film, book, or album. i always fall back in love with sleepy tokyo vibes and charlotte

lick the star (1998)

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Leslie Hayman photographed by Sofia Coppola for her Milk Fed clothing line

A scene from The Virgin Suicides (Sofia Coppola, 1999).

"I talked to my friend’s 17-year-old daughter about the slang that teenagers use, and this lovely young lady explained that all her friends call one another "bitches", "sluts" and "whores". I also went to clubs in LA with all the girls dressed up in miniskirts and sky-high shoes. That was pretty exotic. Everyone was texting, taking pictures, and I tried to put as much of that in the film [The Bling Ring] as possible. It was almost sci-fi, this idea that living does not count unless you are documenting it. All those things interest me and say so much about our culture, and what is emphasized as important.”

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Vogue Italia Dec. 1992 - Sofia Coppola by Steven Meisel

Sofia Coppola at Marc by Marc Jacobs

"I remember my mom saying, ‘People aren’t going to like you because they’ll think you’re a snob,’ she says, later. ‘You have to go out of your way to show them you’re not a jerk.’"

- Sofia Coppola (x)

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Sofia Coppola for Vogue Italia
Photographed by Steven Meisel